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  • Reduction of high blood pressure- this can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


  • Reduction of depression and anxiety- regular practice improves levels of serotonin,lowers heart rate and reduces the fight or flight response.

  • Reduction of stress- many health conditions are believed to be directly related to stress. By learning to control our stress levels, we can reduce the risk of developing or learn to manage/reduce the effects of a variety of stress-related conditions.


  • Improvement in sleep quality- this is because yoga is calming and restorative and promotes improved sleep patterns which in turn reduces the risk of certain health condition and reduces pain.

  • Increased flexibility- this reduces aches and pains which are often related to muscle imbalance and tightness.


  • Increased muscle strength- this helps to support joints reducing back pain and arthritic pain.


  • Improvement in posture- helping to reduce neck/back pain.


  • Reduced degeneration of joints/cartilage- thereby reducing joint pain.

  •  Reduced risk of  developing osteoporosis through weight bearing asanas- improving bone strength/density.


  • Helps to build the foundations for a healthier lifestyle by promoting living and eating more consciously and making healthier choices for your body and mind.

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