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Nicola began to explore the benefits of yoga when she faced some medical challenges personally and began researching how she could help her body to heal itself naturally. After reading about the many well-researched health benefits of yoga, Nicola decided that to get the best out of her practice, she would learn to teach so that she had a deeper understanding of the science behind yoga and why it is so beneficial to millions of people worldwide. She embarked upon a fascinating journey into the world of yoga and is now a fully accredited teacher with Yoga Professionals, having attained a level 3 Diploma in teaching yoga. The skills that she has learnt on this highly respected course enables her to share this knowledge with her clients.


As a practising Occupational Therapist with more than 25 years experience working in a wide variety of specialities including orthopaedics (muscles and bones),neurology (nervous system), cardiology and mental health, Nicola has a comprehensive knowledge of medical conditions which further enhances her practice.


This stunning studio is the perfect setting for yoga with panoramic views across the surrounding countryside. Based in Whitefield in Manchester the location makes it easily accessible and it is close to public transport links.






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